Through a non-surgical procedure, firm and tighten saggy or rough skin using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) that is withdrawn from the patient’s blood. The blood is re-injected into the patient’s skin with a micro-needling device to raise levels of collagen and elastin growth. Small punctures are made throughout the face to stimulate the tissues for stem cells to assist the “damage” and tighten and repair the skin. This treatment  is mainly used to improve skin tone, acne scarring,slight wrinkles,fine lines, sun damage, crow’s feet, dark circles and chicken pox scarring. The blood platelets naturally restore the skin and do not cause damage or scarring to the patient. It is a quick and safe procedure that typically lasts twenty minutes to an hour. It is recommended that patients who have severe acne scarring or sagging of the skin complete more than one session for best results.Although some individuals may only need one session, others may benefit from more than one session, one month apart. It is a less expensive treatment than surgical skin procedures.Typically, patients who have this procedure have redness for a couple of days after. Since the blood that is injected into the skin tricks the body that the skin was injured, the results may take weeks to show because the skin is rejuvenating on its own.