Infrared Saunas

Infrared Saunas have great benefits for detoxing and weight loss. The light produced from Infrared Saunas is also beneficial for anti-aging and improvement of skin. The heat promotes collagen to the skin which improves overall appearance and smoother texture. The collagen that is produced helps any wounds by promoting new tissue growth. When the body sweats and detoxifies, it can improve colitis, fatigue, immune deficiencies, attention disorders, and digestion. The sauna raises the body’s temperature to sweat out toxins while improving the immune system at the same time. Infrared Saunas have relaxing effects from the warm temperature and comfort. It is a great way to relax while detoxifying all the sweat from the body’s tissues. The sauna also improves weight loss through detoxification and relaxation. It does not require any exercise or physical activity.  By sitting in one session, up to 600 calories can be burned. The process of the body burning the calories also improves the heart rate and improves the metabolic rate. Each session can improve blood pressure and circulation too. The Infrared Sauna improves any pain in the body as well by heating the tissues, muscles, and joints. It is beneficial for improving recovery for patients with pain causing conditions or for muscle relaxation.An  Infrared Sauna session can improve one’s overall health and can help patients feel rejuvenated.