The procedure uses the Hybrid Fractional Laser Halo which enhances a woman’s genital area. diVA™ is the only laser that uses High Precision Automation (HPA) technology which is safe and used gently on vaginal tissues. Due to the effects of childbirth, menopause, and other health conditions, the vaginal tissues can be thinned, stretching, inflamed, dried, or diminished functioning. The diVa™ can enhance vaginal tissues to be rejuvenated, making women feel more comfortable and content. The Hybrid Fractional Laser that is used can be modified for different levels of density that the patient wants from ablation and coagulation to provide effective results. A single use Strengthened Dilator is used for the patient’s safety and to prevent cross contamination. This safe procedure can increase vaginal appearance with a minimal recovery process. It is a five to ten minute procedure and promotes healthy tissue growth for an overall improved genital area. It does not require anesthesia and patients can typically perform their usual activities on the same day. Just like the diVa™, the diVa™ Tyte uses wavelengths to repair tissues. The diVa™  Tyte is used to increase collagen and elastin of the vulvar tissues by heating and massaging the dermal layer of skin. It can create better tone and texture for internal and external tissues using a Broadband Light (BBL) that heats deep into the tissues while cooling the top layer of skin for protection. It is also a safe and quick procedure that can last from ten to twenty minutes with results improving and showing through time.