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Broadband light is a compact device from Sciton’s Joule platform which enables treatments for acne, freckles, age spots, pigmented lesions, vascular lesions such as rosacea, deep lesions, hair removal, and skin firming. Each lamp from the BBL device allows thousands of pulses at a time. With the thermoelectric monitoring, temperatures can easily be adjusted between zero to thirty degrees celsius. BBL is safe and effective with every pulse being cooled down for the patient.

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BBL Laser Treatments:

Forever Bare: Forever Bare is a hair removal treatment that is done with Broadband Light Laser and consists of multiple pulses at a time. The technology allows BBL to distribute the heat to the skin evenly so that there are no spots that are missed for hair removal. The skin remains cool throughout the treatment due to the sapphire thermoelectric plate. Typically, it takes between four to eight treatments for effective results and are done every four weeks. The most common areas for hair removal using BBL are the bikini area, underarms, upper lip, chin, and toes. The procedure is safe and the recovery is quick with some redness for only a few hours after.

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 Forever Young: Using the BBL technology, the Forever Young procedure targets aging   skin and sun damage to improve the patient’s appearance. The device is known for changing expression from aging genes. The procedure can be used for any area of the body and also targets freckles, redness, and age spots. Overall, it slows down the aging process by producing new collagen and elastin. The BBL targets the upper layers of the skin by heating them which stimulates the collagen production.Five monthly treatments are recommended with a different filler each time to target different areas such as tightness of skin, decrease of redness,improvement of texture, and overall younger looking skin. Best results are shown when patients get a treatment every three to six months after the procedure is completed.

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Forever Clear: Forever Clear is a safe procedure which does not require medications,side effects, or creams to clear acne. The light energy from BBL is a quick  process which uses the Intense Pulse Light (IPL) device. The device raises levels of skin cells to produce healthy and clear skin. The first step of the process uses the BLUE BBL light to eliminate bacteria deep in pores that causes acne. The second step uses YELLOW BBL light to eliminate the redness and inflamed skin. A third step can be added to include the INFRA-RED light to increase the healing process. Maintenance treatments should be followed up regularly for clearer skin.

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