In the past, sex used to be confined to the darkness and it was often short-lived affair. For millions, the appearance of their genitalia was neither of concern or consequence. These days, intimacy is more likely to happen with the lights on, so it should come as no surprise that romantic exploration and experimentation are becoming increasingly common. In today’s sexual landscape, partners are more open to conversations about the way our genitals look and feel.

New breakthroughs in sexual health such as Platelet Rich Plasma and the O-shot, have given doctors new tools to restore the appearance and sensitivity of labia majora. These quick and painless procedures allow women to reclaim their sexual confidence and vitality.

The Vampire Wing Lift is a simple in-office procedure using platelet-rich plasma from your own blood to address the issues of labial atrophy. If the labia are looking deflated or the skin has an t appearance, the Vampire Wing Lift will help. The Vampire Wing Lift uses your own blood to restore shape, improve tone and texture and literally rejuvenate the labia (wings ) and “lift” them back to the natural shape of each individual woman’s younger self. Its highly effective and improves aesthetics, comfort and pleasure all at price far lower than reconstructive surgery.

The Vampire Wing Lift, based upon the same principles of platelet rich plasma for facial rejuvenation accomplishes similar smoothing and plumping for the labia majora.

Are You A Good Candidate Vampire Winglift

This non-surgical procedure will produce great results for women who desire a healthier look, fullness and feel of their outer skin part of the Vulva lips (called labia majora) :

  • Women of all ages and skin types who desire for their labia majora part of the vulva to appear more plump and youthful
  • Young women who desire to prevent age- related deterioration of vulvar tissue
  • Middle-age and older women who are experiencing thinning of skin and volume loss due to age and loss of elasticity.
  • Athletic women, who work out a lot might have loss of fatty tissue in the labia, making it look shrunken and unattractive, with loss of fullness and elasticity.

The Procedure

What are the results?

  • Rejuvenation of the labia

  • Vaginal Tightening

  • Stimulates collagen production

  • Youthful appearance

  • Restoration of shape

  • Growing out new and younger tissue

  • Improvement in skin texture and tone

  • Makes your skin soft

  • Removes scar marks and spots

  • Removes sagging skin

  • Fights with the factors of aging

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  • Improvement in the blood flow